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2020 is a very strange year.

Thought I give you a eye open of things happen..

Australia was on fire.
We almost had WW3.
Kobe died.
Trump was in a peach.
Pandemic of COVID19
TP shortage
Kim Jong Uh died and came back.
UFO’s visit us (Probably lock their doors too)
Murder Hornets out in the wild.
We randomly got $1200-$3400
People Rioting about racism like Dr. King legacy was for nothing.
Earthquakes in Yellowstone.
Cancel Culture
Sand Storm hitting the US.

So far this is June now…I probably make a part 2 of this or just edit this post.
Stay safe.

Back at it again this time?

So couple years ago I kind of just hide the page into deep coma and forget I even have such website until I got a email about my wordpress being updated. I keep itching my head like did I even delete this??? Anyway deleted index.html and try this pointless website again. maybe do my rant and raving about things or my everyday life or post my youtube videos here. I’ll figure something out later.

Until then. I going to try this again.